Tips for a more eco-friendly Christmas

Christmas will be different for many people this year, however it is still important to be as sustainable as possible. It is a well know fact that Christmas is a time of increased waste. All that wrapping paper, excess of plastic packaging on all those gifts, the many coffee cups bought simply because of the Christmas imagery printed on them and so on, so here are my tips on how you can have a more eco friendly holiday this year.

  1. Consider which Christmas tree you buy and what is better long term
  2. Make your own cards or if you are buying them make sure they are sustainably sourced and don’t include glitter – as these cannot be recycled. You could also buy plantable cards.
  3. Make homemade gifts or shop locally so you are supporting small businesses
  4. Don’t overbuy food that you will not eat just because its Christmas
  5. Use sustainable wrapping paper such as brown paper – lots of wrapping paper come with glitter on which means it cannot be recycled
  6. Re-wear last years Christmas jumper or look for a second-hand one
  7. Gift experiences – this gives the recipients the chance to create memories
  8. Buy eco-friendly crackers
  9. Invest in a reusable advent calendar – this can be used for many years and even passed down through generations
  10. Switch to LED lights, there are better for the environment long term


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